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Waste oil tank


Frontline International offers right-sized Smart Oil Management™ solutions for automated fresh cooking oil dispensing and used oil recycling, cooking oil disposal, and cooking oil recycling. These equipment eliminate all contact with fryer oil, helps prevent accidents; reduces insurance premiums, and otherwise keep kitchens cleaner and operators more profitable.


Handling hot, messy waste oil from fryers can be one of the most dangerous workplace hazards in foodservice. Carrying full buckets and pouring oil creates the potential for burns, slip-and-fall accidents, and other injuries.


3078-EU Waste oil tank

  • Stainless steel tank bottom and legs. 6 in. (152 mm) high stainless steel legs and floor clearance
  • At-a-glance alerts: Power On (green), Tank Full (red), Call for Pickup 75% Full (yellow)
  • Push the button and you are emptying the fryer. What could be easier?
  • If the system cannot be directly plumbed, tanks are equipped with a Caddy System hook up. Frontline International’s Caddy System is a great method for transporting cooking oil to the containment tank while still reducing mess and the potential for burns. Caddies roll on wheels and are easy to push.
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel exterior. Tanks can be positioned anywhere indoors— nothing to hide here, this is modern and goodlooking, made-in-the-USA equipment that exceed all standards.
  • Easy to access and service components 
  • Worldwide delivery and installation available
  • Insulated exterior tank enclosure available


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