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Our employees are the key to our success.

Working at Catequip means being in an environment where your skills are seen as talents to promote and develop.

Every new employee goes through an integration process upon arrival. This is tailored based on the role, the team, existing knowledge, and acquired skills. An initial training phase is implemented, along with "Day in My Life" experiences to facilitate integration and provide an overall understanding of Catequip's functioning.

In the technical domain, the integration process involves pairing with an experienced technician from the same sector for several weeks.

It is with the individuality of each person that we shape the collective of tomorrow.

Education is also at the heart of the company's concerns. We offer multiple training sessions throughout the year to our employees, tailored to each individual's needs. Additionally, we benefit from the support of our parent company Marmon Foodservice Technologies, which offers a comprehensive training platform to employees, aiming to highlight their talents.



Our diversity charter

An evaluation of the application, not the individual

Providing equal opportunities in employment access

We are committed to not practicing any discrimination in hiring (age, nationality, ethnicity, gender, disability, etc.).

We are determined to apply methods of objective selection and leave no room for cognitive bias in assessing a profile.

Human at the heart of our projects and decisions

Turning each individual's uniqueness into the strength of the collective

We are committed to placing the human factor at the center of our recruitments.

We believe in the value of each individual in building the collective of tomorrow.

Processes aligned with values

Enacting inclusive and responsible HR practices

We are committed to promoting equitable and respectful work environments.

We are determined to make decisions through the lens of our values (community, individuality, creativity, courage).

Our job offers are available right here: 

Administrative operator: Opérateur administratif (F/H) - 10320 Bouilly - Indeed.com

Publication date: 09-08-2023



Accounting assistant: Assistant comptabilité - 75013 Paris 13e - Indeed.com

Publication date: 09-08-2023


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