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Catequip is a national company specialized in the fast-food industry for over 25 years. With a strong expertise in the operation of professional kitchen equipment, it offers various services to meet the needs of its most demanding clients.

Our values  

We share common values with our Marmon Foodservice Technology group, which are four in number: community at work, courage, individuality, and creativity. Joining CATEQUIP means becoming part of a committed and purpose-driven company.

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At Catequip, these values are not just words on paper; they are reflected in our daily actions. They guide us in decision-making, in our professional relationships, and in our commitment to society. As a company, we take pride in our values that we strive to embody every day.

Our recruitment policy

We firmly believe in the talent of our employees and are convinced that supporting and enhancing the skills of each individual are the keys to a virtuous collective dynamic.

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The customization of the professional journey enables us to address the evolving needs of our employees. By providing tailored opportunities for training, development, and advancement to each individual, Catequip promotes the professional growth of its employees.

Furthermore, Catequip emphasizes diversity and inclusion within the company. By recognizing and valuing individual talents regardless of background, gender, or any other characteristic, it creates an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and contribute fully.

Our policy of equity and equality

At CATEQUIP, we strive for equity and equality to be at the core of our decisions. While significant progress has been made, the world of work still remains an area in need of improvement and balance.


Catequip's equity and equality policy is built upon several key principles: non-discrimination, equal opportunity, fair compensation, work-life balance, awareness, and inclusive access to training.

It is together that we must unite our efforts to encourage new actions and ensure that equity and equality prevail in our daily lives.

Our disability policy

The implementation of a disability policy promotes diversity and inclusion within the company. By encouraging the presence of individuals with disabilities, Catequip enriches its human capital with different perspectives, diverse skills, and a greater representation of society.


It's important to emphasize that the implementation of our disability policy goes beyond mere compliance measures. It reflects a genuine commitment from the company, raising awareness among employees, making adjustments to work positions and processes, as well as taking concrete actions to promote the integration and professional development of individuals with disabilities.