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Reminder: your devices must be calibrated once a year.
CATEQUIP has a calibration workshop equipped to carry out this upgrade and provide you with the necessary calibration certificates. Do not hesitate to contact our calibration workshop for any further information:


Such. : +33 (0)3 25 40 06 94


A world leader in the design of environmental and innovative food safety solutions for more than a century, Cooper-Atkins Corporation is a trusted resource for high quality control and measurement instruments.

Malette de calibration Cooper Atkins  

Malette de calibrage NSP-0223-SPE-1


  • 1 thermometer with digital display
  • 4 x 1.5V batteries
  • 3 Needle Heart Probes
  • 1 x Grill Surface Mass Probe
  • 1 deep fryer probe
  • 1 x Core End Probe
  • 1 air probe for oven and bin
  • 1 right angle contat probe
  • 1 extender
  • 1 UHC probe
  • 1 storage case

Thermomètre AQUA TUFF

Réf. NSP-1413-1 





Malette mesure Température


  • 1 thermomètre bluetooth (réf.20200-01)
  • 4 piles 1,5V
  • 3 sondes à coeur type Aiguille
  • 1 sonde masse de surface pour gril
  • 1 sonde de friteuse
  • 1 sonde à coeur à bout fin
  • 1 sonde à air pour four et bin
  • 1 sonde de contat à angle droit
  • 1 prolongateur
  • 1 sonde UHC
  • 1 malette de rangement


Thermomètre BLUETOOTH

  • Dispositif de stabilisation de la température – enregistre la température lorsqu’elle se stabilise
  • Cloud enabled – Les données sont transmises vers un portail en ligne via une application
  • Adaptable – utilise n’importe qu’elle sonde thermocouple de type K

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Founded in 1957, the Testo brand is an internationally renowned reference brand, particularly in the field of control devices, including the famous TESTO 270 used by the largest fast-food chains.



TESTO 270 frying oil tester delivered in storage case; with blister grip, calibration protocol and batteries.

Download the product datasheet

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